Taylor Swift and Paul McCartney Play ‘Shake It Off’ at Epic SNL Afterparty

This just proves stars have much better lives than you. The whole SNL 40th anniversary went down. In addition to record-setting ratings, stars gathered for a decent tribute show and an afterparty that sounds epic. JImmy Fallon recounted the whole thing on The Tonight Show. A 9-minute retelling mind you.

Probably the highlight was Taylor Swift and Paul McCartney jamming on “Shake It Off”. Jimmy Fallon also sang onstage with them. Why? Who knows. Probably because his nice guy shtick doesn’t offend any fragile celebrity egos.

Shake it off with Taylor paul and jimmy. #snl40

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Someone needed to put that mic stand up a little. Swift’s leaning over the mic stand like she’s got a bad case of kyphosis. That’s hunchback for the non-medically inclined out there.

And while they’re at it, why not jam on “I Saw Her Standing There”.

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An evening that probably far surpassed your tv-dinner eating Sunday night.

Oh, and Prince also got onstage and showed everyone why he’s king. Or, umm…Prince.

And Bill Murray standing to the side, nonchalantly playing a tambourine. Just cause…

Bill Murray casually on tambo. #snl40

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Wasn’t that exciting? Now go back to your dull ass life while the celebrities do blow, have sex with each other and make millions of dollars. Happy Tuesday!

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9 years ago

Being poor and insignificant is no fun :-(

this site is a blemish
this site is a blemish
9 years ago

Nothing Taylor S**t does is “epic” how lame