That Time Madonna Fell Off Stage at the Brit Awards

Oh Madonna, how we love thee. From your exaggerated ‘rape’ references to your topless pics to stay relevant, you’ve always entertained. Today marks the greatest day for Madonna fans as their idol ate s**t from about 5 steps up and fell on her bony ass.

Madge performed at the 2015 Brit Awards and for some reason, she wore a cape. Mistake #1. Mistake #2 was performing backwards on a small platform of steps and said cape flying up and pulling her off. Madonna flew straight onto her backside like someone got sick of her singing and yanked her straight away. Seconds of silence passed before she got up to continue.

Watching Madonna fall from so high was much like watching the statue of Saddam Hussein topple over. Another douche getting what they deserve. Here’s hoping Katy Perry wears a cape someday.

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