Tinder Girl Flips Out: ‘Unfortunately Hitler Didn’t Get Rid of You Completely’

Welcome to Tinder’s catch of the day. Where we scour the best people on Tinder that you wish you had the chance to swipe right on. First up, Marwa. A 20-year old potential criminal lawyer who gives suitors a laundry lists of do’s and don’ts before they should even THINK about texting her.

…ONLY into European/Canadian+Hispanics/Latinos MEN, U got abs/muscular arms, upfront, honest, not a racist/cultural blind.

Not a racist…just remember that part.

My only way of communication is over SKYPE & in person ONLY…NOT into VIRGINS

Someone’s got a stick up their ass. No, not a stick, the whole tree.

One lucky dude texted her and oh look, she texted back…but he probably regrets that now.

Marwa berates him for not reading her profile, for starting off conversation with ‘what’s up’ and ‘hey’ and then really lights into him for being a ‘jew boy’. Good one. That’s not racist at all. Right after telling him to ‘go f**k yourself honey’, she comes up with the lines that’ll turn her infamous.

Just saw this a Jew too good what was i thinking another terrorist.

Goodbye jew boy unfortunately Hitler didnt get rid of you completely.

Ouch! Harsh, what happened to a simple, ‘not interested’? Marwa probably just got tired of endless texts from jew boy terrorists trying to hit her up. Marwa’s looking for jew men terrorists, not little jew boys still learning the terrorist trade.

[H/T Barstool Sports]

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9 years ago

Wow! what a racist bitch!

9 years ago

Some douche will butt f**k her.

9 years ago

I did nazi that coming.