Warren Sapp Fired from NFL Network After Soliciting Prostitutes

Ugh. You can’t even secure the services of two escorts anymore without the NFL Network, your employer, getting all uptight about it. Warren Sapp knows what I’m talking about. Sapp was arrested in Phoenix this morning for solicitation¬†and¬†assault.

This after two prostitutes claimed they got into an argument about money in his hotel room. The argument turned physical and “spilled out into the hallway.” Best guess is these hookers wanted extra for a Dirty Sanchez. The women reported the assault to police and here we are.

Naturally, the NFL Network found out about it and scrubbed all traces of Sapp from their website. They also fired him, if that wasn’t already implied.

Sapp had been with the network since 2008. It’s unclear how long he’d been soliciting prostitutes.

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9 years ago

He was a worthless player and even less of a human being. He’s always been a wanna be “thug.” Now he can get professional lessons in prison.