Charlotte McKinney Tried a Handbra but Two Hands Weren’t Enough

Charlotte McKinney’s star continues its ascent with her new gig on Dancing with the Stars. Well, ‘ascent’ is a bit much. Let’s say sputter upwards like an aging Soviet-era rocket. The same woman who doesn’t want to be known just for her large breasts, recently shot an ad for Buffalo Jeans featuring those same large breasts.

McKinney tried covering them up, but her hand and arm only covered up the nipples. That only jammed them back into her chest like a pair of hugely round pancakes. Even if she was Vishnu reincarnate, she couldn’t cover those breasts up. Head on over here to see McKinney’s handbra attempt (NSFW), but be forewarned, you may spend the rest of the day staring at her.

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