Emma Watson Left ‘Raging’ at Hoax Nude Pics, but Is She a Liar?

Late last year, a 4Chan hacker threatened to release Emma Watson nude pics. A website titled ‘Emma You Are Next’ promised to expose this “feminist bitch is as much of a whore as any woman” right before her UN speech on feminism. Obviously, the hacker was not a Hallmark cards writer. This left Emma Watson quite shaken and enraged. In an interview with Radio DJ Greg James at Facebook’s London offices, she opened up about the whole ordeal.

“I knew it was a hoax, I knew the pictures didn’t exist, but I think a lot of people that were close to me knew gender equality was an issue but didn’t think it was that urgent, that it was a thing of the past. This is a real thing that’s happening now, women are receiving threats. I was raging, it made me so angry, I was like, this is why I have to be doing this. If anything, if they were trying to put me off it, it did the opposite.”

Fine, a hoax and it toughened her up, making her even more gung ho about her beliefs. But was it all a ruse? Did Watson fake the whole thing to gain stature in her role as UN Ambassador for Women?

If you remember, days later, Internet sleuthing discovered the whole thing was a prank by a fake marketing company. Evidently, some people with an awesome sense of humor devised the whole thing as a way to get 4Chan shut down. The end game was quite strong on this one.

Yet, here Watson is, still getting mileage off this whole thing even though it was a prank. Yea, she was threatened with nude pics. But she never mentioned in her interview with James that the whole thing ended up as a joke. Which begs the question: what’s her end game? Is Watson trying to pump up her international miage as UN Ambassador for Women? Very clever.

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9 years ago

She said it was a hoax but it’s understandable the threat pissed her off. Threats aren’t jokes. If you are going accuse her of making the threat up back it up with facts please because at this point you are blaming the victim for what happened.