Former It Girl, Chloe Sevigny, Hates on Current It Girl, Jennifer Lawrence

Back in the day, Chloe Sevigny was the It girl and the queen of the indie film set. She starred in Kids which launched her career. Now she’s old and turned into every old person who shakes an angry fist at the next generation coming up. In this case, Jennifer Lawrence. Sevigny huffs in an interview with V Magazine:

So much is about marketing and selling the product. They’ll have a really peppy funny girl on the talk show rounds, and everybody adores her and loves her and wants to be her or f**k her, and then so many more people want to watch the movie or TV show. I understand that star quality, how much value that carries. I love when a movie star is a great movie star. I think Angelina Jolie is a great movie star. I don’t think I can be that, or just be an actor. I don’t think I have the charisma. Which is probably why I never reached another level. I like Emma Stone. Whenever she’s herself, she’s really cute. Jennifer Lawrence I find annoying. Too crass.

At least Chloe realizes she doesn’t have any charisma. Lawrence doesn’t mind you farting in her face, sex with her looks amazing and she goes underwear-less from time to time. Back of the line, Sevigny.

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8 years ago

Just suck off your director/ex on film and viola! You’re still a talent-less whore.

8 years ago

Uh oh, looks like Granma Chloe got into the cooking sherry again.