‘Furious 7’ Extended Trailer Leaves You Even Furiouser

Somehow The Fast and the Furious turned into a franchise. What looked like a fun one-off movie about street racing turned into Vin Diesel, Tyrese and Paul Walker’sĀ mortgage payment. Who cares about acting credibility when you can race cars around a set and blow s**t up.

The newest Furious 7 trailer shows an extended cut of the cars dropping out of the airplane scene. Here, Tyrese acts like a bitch and refuses to make the leap in his car. “I can’t do it” Tyrese says at one point. “I’m sorry to have let y’all down.” At which point, Ludcaris replies “No, I’m sorry to let you down.” Then presses a button, chutes pop out of Tyrese’s car and eject Tyrese and his car into the sky. Boom! Expect the whole movie to be like this. $50m opening weekend easy. Cocaine for everyone especially Michelle Rodriguez. She wants a double bump.

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