Idiot Fugitive Caught After Updating Facebook with Softball Plans

At least 50% of the workers in every profession are idiots, are they not? Even that number is low. It’s the latest statistic given by the homeless dude talking to himself at the McDonald’s down the street. One Joey John Patterson ranks as one of those idiots. KTVB reports:

Police say 22-year-old Joey John Patterson had been on the run from officers for several months. He was wanted on a felony warrant for violating his probation in a Twin Falls fraud case.

The suspect updated his Facebook status Saturday afternoon, saying he was headed to batting practice at the softball field at the Armory Softball Field, and inviting others to join him.

Patterson got more company than he bargained for when officers showed up at the field and took him into custody.

Facebook truly is addictive. Bill Cosby wouldn’t have lasted past three rapes if Facebook was around. He’d post his dinner plans and invite all his friends. Eventually, everyone would decline once word spread about his special cocktails and unfriend him before their first sip.

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