Lil Wayne Has His Security KO Fan Who Dared Mock Him

Lil Wayne stands for Lil Wuss because the rapper sent his security into attack mode after a fan made fun of him. Oh boo hoo.

It happened in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Wayne was scheduled to perform at midnight, but didn’t go on until 3:30 a.m.

There was some fancy tech setup where fans broadcast messages from their phone to the screen. One fan wrote “Shut the f**k up and put on Weezy” which later he shortened to “F**k Weezy”.

That’s when Lil Wayne started crying on the inside and forced security into the crowd and knock the guy out. It’s the full Lil Wayne experience, Buy a ticket and get knocked out.

Maybe Lil Wayne should not be a lil b*tch and actually show up on time for work like millions of other people have learned to do. Hope he likes paying money out for lawsuits.

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