Live News Fail. Woman Grinds Power Tool on Vagina as Kids Watch

Local news, gotta love it. One reporter from WGN interviewed performance artist Shana Vaughan-Gabor from Cirque de la Femme over the weekend. The clueless reporter saw her the power tool and said about the segement, “I’m not entirely sure what it is but it involves a power tool.” Ohhh, you’re about to find out.

Vaughan-Gabor then put the blade to a metal block strapped to her crotch and let ‘er rip. Sparks flew everywhere but that wasn’t the showstopper. Vaughan-Gabor flipped upside down, spread eagle, onto a chair and did the same. All in plain view of said school children. They’ll remember that as the biggest WTF? moment in their life. WGN quickly cut back to the studio, but not before stealing the innocence of a handful of schoolchildren.

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