Lorde Gives Bullied ‘X-Factor’ Contestant Cupcakes to Soak Up His Tears

You may have heard about the new butthole X-Factor New Zealand judges ripped a recent contestant. If not, watch this vid.

Natalia Kills accuses the singer of biting┬áher husband’s style. Bro Bible summed it up:

According to Kills and Moon the contestant came off looking like a cheap version of Moon and it was fucking insulting to them that he would dare dress, and try to look, like the X Factor judge. The pair called him “cheesy,” “disgusting,” “artistically atrocious,” and Moon even said “I feel like you’re going to stick someone’s skin to your face and kill everyone in the audience.”

Well, that’s a little harsh. All those comments got Kills and Moon fired. Good for them?

Lorde, a fellow New Zealander, stood as one with the contestant, Joe. She sent him cupcakes to hopefully plug a red velvet sized hole in his heart.

Ellie Goulding also couldn’t stand the judges tweeting out “Can’t stop myself from commenting on NZ X factor situation because I can’t stop thinking about how mean it was. Thank goodness they’re gone”.

None of which helped Joe, the poor contestant, go onto the next round. All he takes home are some cupcakes and sympathies.

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