Miley Cyrus And Patrick Schwarzenegger Make Up, and Out

Miley Cyrus forgave Patrick Schwarzenegger evidently as both were doing the kissy face recently. Schwarzenegger (who needs a shorter last name because this takes too long to type) hit up Cabo last week and paparazzi caught him HUGGING A GIRL. TWO actually. Chest against chest, their young breasts mashed up against Patrick’s body. Miley’s fans almost wanted to burn Schwarzenegger at the stake.

Cyrus didn’t take too kindly to that, but seems to have changed. Both were spotted at Kiwami, a sushi joint, in Studio City, Calif.

Miley and Patrick spent a romantic evening kissing, holding hands and laughing together at their corner table on the restaurant’s private patio. Patrick dined on a California roll, and they snapped photos together and even said hi to friends at one point.

See? Holding hands, kissing.. LAUGHING! That’s code for serious makeup sex. If this was still the 1800s.

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