Miley Cyrus Not Gonna Like These New Patrick Schwarzenegger Pics

Miley Cyrus back on the market? Her and Patrick Schwarzenegger were talking about marriage. Cyrus even toned down her wild side so that Schwarzenegger’s mom, Maria Shriver, would approve. Well, bring back those topless pics, looks like Cyrus and Schwarzenegger may take a breather. Last week, Schwarzenegger was photographed getting really close with a friend. Now today, he’s getting mighty friendly with his ex-girlfriend.

Don’t worry Miley. It’s only your boyfriend’s ex rubbing lotion all over his back.

If you believe Hollywood Life, Cyrus already broke things off with Terminator Jr.

“As soon as she saw those pictures she broke up with him,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“Miley was in a terrible mood, her friends wanted to take her out because she was so upset over those pictures of Patrick, they didn’t want her sitting at home crying but it was not a fun night out,” our source adds. “She’s usually so happy and sweet but she was totally miserable.”

“Patrick kept calling her,” the source says,  “like every 5 minutes it would ring but she wasn’t picking it up.”

The best part is that Cyrus will flip out and really get wild. Full frontal nudity gonna be tame compared to what she has planned. Even Michael Phelps would say ‘yo, too far girl’.

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9 years ago

run once a cheater always a cheater