Mother Slaps And Kicks Her Child for Dropping a Hamburger

Somewhere in China, a little girl learned a valuable lesson. Food goes in your mouth, not on the ground. Security footage shows an unlucky toddler accidentally dropping her fast food burger on the ground. When that happens, her mother takes off her imaginary hoop earrings and proceeds to wallop the kid across the face. That wasn’t enough so she kicked her child, you know, just to make sure she got her point across.

The kid ends up lying down face first, probably a survival tactic innate to all humans. That doesn’t work because the mother kicks her a couple of more times. The saying ‘kicking someone when they’re down’ obviously hasn’t made its way to China yet. Finally, the toddler gets mercifully yanked up by her mother.

This kid might end up terrorizing her neighborhood when she’s grown up. Police will find their victims surrounded by burger patties on the ground. All because of this moment. Thanks Mom!

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