Sarah Michelle Gellar Battle Raps While Dressed Up as Cinderella

If the question ‘whatever happened to Sarah Michelle Gellar?’ keeps you up at night, rest easy. The Buffy the Vampire Slayer star has been found. Gellar shows up in a YouTube series called “Princess Rap Battle”. Dressed up as Cinderella, Gellar spits out such lines as “I deserve all the praise for the foot-fetish craze. I’ve got itty-bitty kicks but got legs for days”.

The series creator, Whitney Avalon, has high hopes for the series.

“These are silly, short little videos, but I think there is a message of standing up for yourself and being brave in a world where females are still fighting for equality and power and a voice,” she says. “And it makes me cry with happiness that people are excited about that message.”

Well, at least Gellar has an acting gig now. That’s empowering right there.

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