Stassi Schroeder Confirms Sex Tape

Stassi Schroeder, star of Vanderpump Rules, admitted to a masturabtion sex tape. Where, where is it? Get the FBI on this now. During a Vanderpump Rules reunion special, Schroeder accused her costars of trying to sabotage her with the whole sex tape thing.

Sources tell TMZ that Stassi and Scheana Shay got into an epic argument during the episode … with Stassi calling out Scheana for allegedly leading a group of frenemies trying to bring her private pleasure video to the surface. She felt they were behind the video being sent to several media outlets — even though it never did go public.

Schroeder admitted to sending the video to a guy. Well, looks like that was a mistake. She posted this to her Instagram, could it be a still from the tape?

This could be the best thing for Schroeder. Hollywood has enough blonde actresses, Schroeder needs a hook and this is it. And c’mon, ‘Vanderpump’? That’s a porn title waiting to happen.

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9 years ago