Suge Knight Sure Gets Sick a Lot Now That He’s Accused of Murder

Funny how a potential murder case will suddenly make a gangsta so very ungangsta. Suge Knight for the third time in a month has claimed a medical emergency in front a judge. Knight had a stomach issue previously which prevented him from showing up in a robbery case, then suffered a panic attack in his murder case and now he told the judge he’s going blind. This dude’s a walking Merck manual.

Knight reportedly spoke on his own behalf Monday in court — after he fired the lawyers handling his case — and said he was receiving inadequate treatment in jail. Moments later he was taken to the hospital.

Sources tell us a doctor informed the rap mogul on Friday his eyesight was getting really bad. Suge reportedly shared that info in court before he was hospitalized.

Way to work the system, Suge. Don’t be surprised to see Knight develop a sudden case of bleeding hemorrhoids that prevents him sitting down in the courtroom.

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