Surfer Dad Shares Love of Ocean by Nearly Drowning 9-Month Old Son

Every parent wants to share their love of sports, music, whatever, with their kids, but you know what? Maybe your kid doesn’t want that. When they can’t even voice their displeasure, it’s even worse.

Jorge Tirado took his 9-month old son out to the ocean, strapped the helpless kid onto his board and recorded it on video. Tirado probably expected his kid to clap happily and have the time of his life. Guess what? That baby probably shat little nuggets of terror. Look at the baby’s face…is that joy? No, that’s sheer panic.

Tirado set this terror expedition to soothing, happy McDonald’s sounding music. That’s not going to hide the aquaphobia your kid just developed. His baby won’t even want to surf the Internet, let alone the water. That’s okay though. By the time his baby grows up, they’ll have implanted the Internet into our brains and we will become walking browsers. WE ARE INTERNET.

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