Watch High School Driver’s Fatal Decision to Beat Oncoming Train

Darwin at work. Two kids in Louisville died when the driver of a white Toyota tried to gun it across the train tracks and lost.

Another angle:

“Holy s**t” indeed. Guess two kids aren’t watching March Madness this year. WHAS reports:

The Jefferson County Coroner has identified the victims as 16-year-old Chita Chuwan and 19-year-old Suk Man Rai. Both were on the passenger side of the vehicle and died from multiple blunt force trauma injuries.

Police say the white Toyota with Rai and Chuwan as passengers was hit by a Norfolk Southern train carrying 400,000 tons and 100 railcars after it disregarded the train signals. The vehicle was dragged a half a mile just underneath the Buechel Bypass.

On the bright side, two other people survived the crash. The driver and another passenger. THE DRIVER!

Two other victims in the vehicle were transported to University Hospital and are listed in critical condition. The two victims of the accident are believed to be in their early 20s, but their identities have yet to be released.

Seriously, that driver will have some serious reflecting to do. Gonna make for an awesome college essay though.

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