BART Cops Don’t Mess Around

Now for something a little more timely. A SF, rather, Oakland video of a BART officer slamming a drunk woman face first into concrete made it’s way to the news.

Megan Sheehan, 28, was being drunk and disorderly when she was arrested at the Lake Merritt BART station on St. Patrick’s day 2014. She allegedly struggled with police during her arrest and in the car ride to the Santa Rita Jail in Dublin (holy crap, that’s a long drive to go to jail), she peed herself and tried to wipe herself on the arresting officer, Nolan Pianta.

Things escalated at the lobby of the jail when she went through her purse and flicked a hair tie at Pianta who told her to quit it. Unlike you and I, he didn’t call out for mommy. Instead, he secured her arms and flung her face first into the ground. The ground was made of concrete as previously mentioned.

Sheehan left a face-shaped bloodstain on the ground and suffered multiple facial fractures and broken teeth. Pianta wrote in his report that he merely guided her to the ground. That word he uses. I don’t think it means what he thinks it means.

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