Blake Lively Harvard Bound in Her ‘Spare Time’

Actresses really do live in fantasy land. Blake Lively started up Preserve, which sells the ‘finest made artisan products’. Waaaank! Lively’s hoping to get that Jessica Alba money. If you’ve seen Lively’s site, it’s a yawnfest. More similar to Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP, in that both suck balls.

Starting a company, nay, lending her name to a company, suddenly gave Lively some wild fantasies. Namely, attending Harvard Business School. In her spare time. While at the same time, figuring out a cure for cancer? *scoffs*

“I have a dream to go to Harvard Business School, and one of these days I will do that … in my spare time!” Lively, 27, tells Britain’s Stylist magazine.

“There are a lot of women in business, but they don’t get enough opportunities,” she says. “If you look at the facts, women spend the most on e-commerce sites, yet less than 30 percent of the companies that venture capitalists fund are female-driven, even though female-run companies are the most successful. Women connect with other women. So why are we are not looking at the numbers?”

Oh, hey now. Lively’s throwing out stats and big words like ‘venture capitalists’. There there Lively, why don’t you waddle back into the kitchen and make Ryan Reynolds a nice sandwich, ok? Maybe read a few scripts. Leave the numbers and stats to the men.

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9 years ago

Women like stupid s**t. So women understand how to sell said stupid s**t to other women looking for it.

Pinterest is a perfect example of where you can find lots and llots of stupid s**t that women geek out over, yet most of it serves no real purposes, otehr than the fact women n like it.