Charlotte McKinney Alleged Nude Pics Leak

Charlotte McKinney couldn’t hide these naked photos for long. Somehow, someone magically leaked a prime selection of her fully nude pics onto the nets. And they’re as magnificent as you’d expect. She’s supposedly the next Kate Upton. Start off with blonde hair and a huge rack that two hands can barely cover. Add in a¬†Carl’s Jr. commercial a la Upton.

Compared to Upton. Who ya got?

And now, McKinney rises from commercial model to almost C-list status with a spin on Dancing with the Stars. Upton never did that, maybe because she didn’t have to? Upton covered the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, whereas McKinney ummm, dropped out of high school, became an Instagram model with some bikini pics and rode that to the pages of Esquire magazine.

McKinney must have single white female issues because not only has she sorta copped Upton’s look, big tits and all, now she’s got her own leaked nude photos. Upton got hit with The Fappening¬†where we finally saw what she never wanted us to see. Breasts. Lots of breastesses. Refresh your memory on Kate Upton’s nudes and The Fappening and then come back.

Who would you pick? Kate Upton from The Fappening or Charlotte McKinney’s nudes. You wanna see them right? Here they are. Over here on a NSFW link that’ll unleash all your masturbatory fantasies. You’re welcome and your day is now complete.

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9 years ago

Charlotte McKinney > Kate Upton

Although some sex shots of a jizzback is worth the viewing.

Matthew Engel
Matthew Engel
9 years ago

Kate is 100 times hotter in every aspect

Kate Jennings
Kate Jennings
8 years ago

Kate Upton is nothing compared to Charlotte! Just look at the pics on ;-)