DMX Robs Own Fan’s Cash and Jewelry at Gunpoint

It’s hard to be a rap fan these days. You’re either getting KO’d by the rapper’s security or getting robbed at gunpoint by their boys. One dude started chatting up DMX at a gas station. Instead of saying thanks, DMX’s entourage pulled and gun and then DMX stole $3200 off the guy plus some jewelry. Gee, thanks. According to NY Daily News:

The victim told police that the conflict began after he recognized the rap star at the filling station on Highway 21 and the two began to talk about music.

During the conversation, a member of the rapper’s entourage pulled out a gun, and demanded the victim’s money, the man told police.

The alleged victim followed DMX and his entourage after they robbed him, getting close enough to get a license plate number off one car.

Totally justified. DMX was just getting money back lost to low streaming royalties and torrents.

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