Jason Statham Once Oiled Up and Go-Go Danced in a Music Video

Before an actor gets their big break, they do stupid s**t. You know, like lather themselves in oil, slip into a leopard thong and go-go dance like it’s 2 for 1 drink night at the gay club. Jason Statham did and he’s a big action star now.

For this music vid, Statham jerks around, but not off thankfully, in the background of The Shamen’s, “Comin’ On”. Ohh, how very not gay that title is. The video’s very 80’s and the lead singer of The Shamen looks like Riff Raff.

Statham actually looks the same with his bald head. And we’re assuming he’s not go-go dancing all oily and sweaty in videos anymore. Well, none that don’t require him to sign a consent form for their release.

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