Jeremy Renner Settles Case with Green Card Chasing Wife

Why celebs shouldn’t marry reason #283. Jeremy Renner wed Sonni Pacheco who ultimately admitted that she only wanted a green card. Gee thanks. Not only that, she sounds like the world’s greatest mother. Smoking, drinking and doing coke all while her little 2-year old cries out for breast milk. And for all this, Pacheco charges a discount rate of $13k child support per month.

Both went to court recently with Renner asking for 50/50 custody and Pacheco wanting full custody. Strange since TMZ reports “Jeremy’s had 50% custody since they split, and she was fine with that.” Both sides settled with Renner paying out $13k per month for his kid, 50/50 custody and no spousal support. Guess Pacheco will have to get her coke money from someone else.

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