Kristen Wiig Goes Full Frontal – ‘It Felt Right’

Kristen Wiig makes a play for dramatic gold in Welcome to Me (opening this Friday) by stripping down to her birfday suit. She plays someone with borderline personality disorder who stops taking her meds after winning the lottery, then goes and buys a talk show. Of course. As one does when winning the lottery. She talked with co-star Tim Robbins about going naked :

“Being naked in a film or on stage isn’t always supposed to be sexy,” the actress told Robbins about the buzzed-about scene. “It was the part and it felt right, so I did it.”

“Of course you’re nervous,” she added, “and you know people are gonna make comments but if you care about that, your job instantly becomes more difficult.

“You have to do things for you.”

You do you, Kristen. And if that means showing off 41-year old boobies, more power to you. Being 41 and all, her body ain’t bad. Check it out (site NSFW). No pointy elbows here.

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