Madonna Makes Stand-Up Debut and Cracks Pedophilia Joke

Madonna indulged in a secret desire on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon by telling a few jokes. She admitted to Fallon always wanting to be a stand-up comedian and Fallon let her have a few minutes onstage. Let’s just say, she did not kill.

She said she wanted to talk about what she knew. In this case, younger guys. One of her jokes was about sitting at the breakfast table and asking her 14-year old son, Rocco, if he knew anyone she could date. Hmm…interesting. Never knew Madonna wanted to be a teacher.

The rest of her bit was about younger guys not knowing famous artwork she had on her walls. Artists like Picasso and Warhol. You know, something we can all relate to. The audience clapped along politely but inside, probably wondered why they didn’t get tickets to Conan instead.

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7 years ago

Huh. Who knew? Great job, Madge.