Marilyn Manson Punched in His Stupid Face

I’m sorry. Maybe his face isn’t that stupid, but it really was for someone at Denny’s. Sources say that after a concert in Alberta, Canada on Saturday night, Manson hit up a Denny’s at 2 a.m. as drunk people are wont to do. That’s where Manson got into an argument with another table. Most likely over what the best drunk meal is. My vote goes for Moons Over My Hammy because that’s the only thing I can remember when my eyes see a blurred mess that is the Denny’s menu.

Anyway, Manson called a guy’s girlfriend a bitch. The guy responded by punching him in his face.

Charges were not filed but Manson has vowed revenge. How? A sacrifice on the altar of Satan? No, by suing the guy for what Manson describes as a sucker punch. Manson also claims the guy elbowed his makeup artist in the face. For good reason, no doubt. Bitch probably couldn’t even get his eyeliner right.

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