The Kylie Jenner Challenge is Great at Weeding Out Idiots

So, people can be quite stupid. Anyone who’s doing this Kylie Jenner Challenge should look in the mirror right now and ask themselves…how dumb am I? Like sorta ditzy or full-on non-functioning? There’s a trend (sweeping the nation! news at 6!!) where kids try to get lips like Kylie Jenner by putting a bottle over their mouths, suck the air and make their lips balloon up to mimic Jenner. They’ve got those lips like Jagger (sung to Maroon 5).

Nevermind that this could lead to gangrene or loss of sensation. Anyone posting this on Twitter basically marked themselves with a scarlet letter, ‘R’, for retard.

No one explained to these kids you need a surgeon to get those Kylie lips.

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