’19 Kids and Counting’ Family Weird, Josh Duggar Named in Underage Sex Probe – No One Shocked

In an event that comes as the opposite of a shock, the oldest Duggar child, Josh Duggar, has been named as an “alleged offender” in an underage sexual abuse probe.

When you have 19 kids, you name them alliterate names, and you force evangelical Christianity so far down their throats even Jesus cringes, chances are at least one of your cult is going to be a weirdo.

In an also somewhat unsurprising turn of events, this Bible beater has somehow managed to nearly get away with his actions. After getting caught in 2004 by his father, Jim Bob, leaving a young girl’s bedroom and allegedly inappropriately touching her, Josh was turned into the police who began an investigation. However, the original state trooper from the case never followed up. Maybe he had troubles of his own. He was later convicted of child pornography and is serving a 56-year prison sentence. Related, Arkansas stereotypes remain unfortunate.

By the time the Arkansas State Police alerted the Child Abuse Hotline that the Duggar case was sitting inactive, the three-year statute of limitation had passed so the investigation was discontinued. God really helped him get through this blemish free; wonder what kind of sins public urinators had previously committed to get their sexual offender status. Josh must consider himself so blessed.

Years later, Josh and his moral high ground now exist as a lobbyist for the conservative, worried about religious liberty for Christians, “pro-marriage & pro-life” Family Research Council in D.C. where he is married with three children. No, that look of disgust on your face won’t make this better but, think about it, you probably still weren’t surprised.

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8 years ago

No one is shocked because it happens in most families. A lot of kids have trouble going through puberty. Its every families dirty little secret. I felt girls up when I was 14, not my sister but her friends. I know several boys I grew up with that had the same problem at that age. They got in trouble for touching their sisters etc. You don’t call the cops, you sit them down and talk to them and watch them closely. The only thing to take away from this is the question of having too many kids could hampering supervision.