Bill O’Reilly: Alleged Wife Beater. Daughter Witnesses Him Drag Ex-Wife Around by the Neck

Bill O’Reilly is a dick on TV and now, allegedly, quite a dick in real life. O’Reilly has been going through a 3-year custody battle with ex-wife, Maureen McPhilmy.  A Nassau County Supreme Court justice recently granted McPhilmy custody of their two children. Quite wisely when you read about the monster that is Bill O’Reilly.

Information from their custody battle is sealed, but the judge heard testimony on O’Reilly’s penchant for Neanderthal tactics.

According to a source familiar with the facts of the case, a court-appointed forensic examiner testified at a closed hearing that O’Reilly’s daughter claimed to have witnessed her father dragging McPhilmy down a staircase by her neck, apparently unaware that the daughter was watching. The precise date of the alleged incident is unclear, but appears to have occurred before the couple separated in 2010. The same source indicated that the daughter, who is 16 years old, told the forensic examiner about the incident within the past year.

That O’Reilly, always willing to lend a helping hand to his wife. Gawker also catalogues O’Reilly’s many bullying ways.

O’Reilly and McPhilmy separated in April 2010, after which McPhilmy began dating a Nassau County Police detective named Jeffrey Gross. Upon learning of their relationship, as Gawker reported in 2011, O’Reilly called up his high-placed connections within the NCPD to have something done about Gross. Since O’Reilly was helping raise money for the department’s associated charity, the Nassau County Police Department Foundation, his calls sparked an internal affairs investigation into Gross and his relationship with McPhilmy—an incredible waste of police resources, and a devious way of getting back at McPhilmy by harassing her new boyfriend.

Intimidation. Check.

The O’Reillys formalized their divorce in September 2011, and agreed to share custody of their school-aged children. As part of their agreement, the couple mutually agreed to assign a neutral therapist named Lynne Kulakowski to arbitrate any potential custodial disputes, should they happen to arise in the future. Shortly thereafter, however, McPhilmy learned that O’Reilly had in fact added Kulakowski to his household payroll so she could serve as a full-time nanny—in which capacity, as a judge later explained, she was required “to perform virtually all of [O’Reilly’s] parental duties.”

Ironic that O’Reilly gives up his parental duties, considering he says things like this.

Don’t forget the time he tried to get his ex-wife excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church.

While all of this was going on, as Gawker reported in March 2013, O’Reilly was trying to get McPhilmy excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church, in which the couple married in 1996. McPhilmy even received a letter from her local parish, another Long Island institution where O’Reilly enjoys influence, admonishing her for taking communion. (In the Church, divorcing and remarrying is considered a grave offense to God.) At the same time, O’Reilly was seeking a formal annulment—a procedure most commonly sought for marriages that last less than a year—for his and McPhilmy’s 15-year-long matrimony.

Thank god Fox News has someone credible like him giving the public fair and balanced reporting.

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Tony Alexander
Tony Alexander
9 years ago

i’m shocked! shocked, i tell you!

9 years ago

I am not shocked. It’s expected. Wait until the rest comes out. You know it there waiting and Bill knows it too. With all the fear and evil that Bill percieves into existance his life is now hell so he should be perfectly comfortable.

william tweed
william tweed
9 years ago

he will deny it on his show,,accuse the left and threaten a lawsuit