When Bragging About Sex Becomes Ridiculous: Penisless Man Claims to Have Banged Over 100 Women

It seems like guys without the size like to compensate, so when born without a penis at all, what’s a man to do? 40-year-old Brit, Andrew Wardle, took the route of TV documentary. He”ll be boasting about sleeping with over 100 women, most of whom he claims have never found out about his missing member. “Oh, they knew” agree women everywhere.

Discovery Life Channel will soon be gracing our screens with a look into Wardle’s wienerless life. The documentary will follow the story of Andrew’s life with a rare birth condition: bladder extrophy, his path of reconstructive surgery, and his confessions to past and current lovers.

This entire situation begs the question, can you really call it sleeping with a women if they never found out you are lacking a love stick? Yeah, this is the 21st century, but still, the logistics are incongruous. Ahh baby, I’m just into really dark rooms and faking my own orgasm. Yeah, it’s totally a super thin condom that’s making my penis cold and plastic feeling. Don’t go down on me! 

Most confusingly, how did women remain unaware of the obvious vacancy? Wardle admits to telling some of his sexual partners about his devoid dong and has even been punched in the face for his admittance. Something tells me that girl wanted to kick him in the dick, but it wasn’t an option.

Wardle’s documentary, The Man With No Penis, premieres June 13 at 10 p.m. on Discovery Life Channel.

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