Bruce Jenner Allegedly Sets Date for Trans Surgery, Producers at E! Simultaneously Orgasam

Bruce Jenner’s public transition to womanhood takes another step in front of the cameras at E! During the About Bruce special, Jenner reveals that he sees himself as fully becoming a woman as early as this spring. “I see myself in the future that way,” Bruce admits to stepdaughter, Kim Kardashian.

Somehow this news has missed Khloe. We’ll give her a little credit because this was filmed months ago, but not too much because your grandma is probably hip to this news now. Also, she has admitted to knowing her stepdad has been a cross-dresser since her childhood, which should have given her a tip-off that her dad may not hold to a wholly traditional life.

Somehow, this particular cocktail of drama has let Kim Kardashian develop a sense of logic. After exasperating that Bruce has probably already made the appointment, Bruce admits, “well, yeah.” Kimmy then tells it like the whole world feels it, “When you’re talking to mom and the girls you have to say that and you can’t hesitate because it feels like you’re lying.” Kim Kardashian, unlikely voice of reason!

While he did hint at a date of 4 to 5 months from filming, he also flip-flopped, talking instead about facial reconstruction to our new clear, capable, Kim 2.0.

Regardless if it’s the full sexual reassignment or just facial reconstruction, the Kardashians have got to be getting close to filling up their most recent “buy 10 get 1 free” punch card. Ohh, who will be next?

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7 years ago

Now it is apparent why all those kids are so screwed up. KRIS AND BRUCE.

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