Cavs’ Media Confused Over What Qualifies as Crossing the Line

Fun times in Cleveland today! The “mistake by the lake” isn’t the most rewarding city to be a sports fan and the Cavs’ media just made it a little worse. During half-time of Wednesday night’s Cavs-Bulls game, this cringe-worthy, domestic-violence-y sketch played on the jumbo screen.

In a parody of a commercial for United Health Care, itself parodying the movie Dirty Dancing, a couple making dinner catch their song, “Time of My Life”, on the radio and start mimicking the Dirty Dancing choreography. When they go in for the big lift, the Cavs-shirt wearing boyfriend/husband notices his girlfriend/wife sporting some Bulls swag and throttles her across the room; not drops her, throws her.

After cutting to her dramatically clutching her limbs in pain, the video moves to a shot of her sporting a Cavs shirt icing her head getting reprimanded by her man for not being, as the Cavs are calling it, “all in” for the playoffs.

Hopefully, it wasn’t what they were going for, but the message of the sketch appears to be: those who don’t support Cleveland will get hurt – specifically if your spouse is a fan and you aren’t.

Cleveland, we get you’re behind the times, but let’s inform you: domestic violence in sports has been pretty big this year and is maybe not a solid joke to make, just maybe. Actually, ever – just add domestic violence to the list of things not to make jokes about, along with LeBron’s time in Miami.

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Doll Parts
Doll Parts
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