Celebrities Play Dress Up – Met Guide: All You Need to Know to Judge Them

A bizarro yearly event that only remotely relates to normal people Halloween, the Met Gala fundraiser occurred Monday. At an event that makes Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga’s style seem tame (literally, this is not a metaphor), celebrities pulled out all the stops.

This years rich people prom was marked by way more nudity than was allowed at yours but a pretty mundane amount for our celebrity friends. (Let’s take a second and remember the early millennium.) Topping the list in sheer lace numbers: Beyoncé, J. Lo, Kim Kardashian West, and Joan Smalls whose dresses together would still struggle to make one fully opaque dress.

With Katy Perry sporting her traditional cleavage like a more bodacious checkered flag that signifies the start of an A-list event, the celebs were off showing up in outfits so absurd Beyoncé’s formal beach attire seemed like a negligible négligée.

The theme for the evening, “China: Through the Looking Glass”, was apparent in some outfits like Sara Jessica Parker’s foot high, fuzzy, flame-y, fringe-y headdress and Anne Hathaway’s gilded, cheongsam/Star Wars style dress.

Others interpreted the theme like your high school English teacher making up meaning in your reading assignment, we’re looking at you and your melted CD dress Solange Knowles.

And in the category of reaching theme translations, one can’t forget to mention FKA Twigs and her exquisite corps of a dress adorned with a lovely penis placed pleasantly over the slit on her left thigh.

Even with the costume creations mentioned above, Rihanna was still able to shut the red carpet down, again, literally. In a coat most aptly described as a cross between cheesy scrambled eggs and 1800’s Russian aristocracy, the top 40 artist required a team of people to help her walk the red carpet without injuring herself on her furry yellow coat. Leave it to RiRi to be unphased by the 82 degree weather in New York; she had to look good!

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