Courtney Stodden’s Sex Tape Shows How to Properly Use an Ice Cream Cone

Baskin-Robbins  should sponsor Courtney Stodden’s new sex tape. She finds a new use for the ice cream cone that ice cream cone inventor, Italo Marchiony, never imagined. Mamma mia!

Vivid released Stodden’s sex tape, creatively titled, ‘The Courtney Stodden Sex Tape” (NSFW), a few days early due to high demand. So, a million guys with one hand on their junk and another hand waving fistfuls of dollars. Take my money now indeed.

The preview video clip (click here, NSFW, duh!) shows a lot of Stodden naked with her double-D’s in a bathtub, in a limo and spreading ice cream sprinkles all over them. Also using an ice cream cone to titty f**k them. “I want you inside of me” she tells the camera. Really? Just me, right? Doug Hutchison won’t be lurking in a corner watching us will he? Don’t want that to happen. Again.

It’s a solo tape so don’t expect any Amazon dicks to appear in the shots. Most likely, you’ll see Stodden mashing an ice cream cone inside her vag. Do you think Stodden walks inside Baskin-Robbins and starts pouring toppings over herself out of habit? Or when an ice cream truck comes by with its song playing, she suddenly becomes a sex zombie, muttering “Must put ice cream. Inside cooch.”

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Alex Donovan
Alex Donovan
8 years ago

omg, there are no sex tape, it’s a bullsh*t

Kate Jennings
Kate Jennings
8 years ago

I’d rather see a sundae rather than an icecone. Maybe it has something to do with my icecone phobia but a chocolate sunday would’ve topped it off. PS: gotta love the tape I saw at :)