‘Dancing With the Stars’ Host Erin Andrews’ Face Gets ‘Stuck That Way’ After Live Proposal Monday

In the most obvious message to her boyfriend ever, Dancing With the Stars host, Erin Andrews let out the eye roll of the century during a on-air proposal Monday night. Semifinalist, double amputee, and war hero Noah Galloway proposed to his girlfriend, Jamie Boyd, live – leaving the rest of us to feel bad about any accomplishment we’ve ever completed.

“Jamie, the moment that you surprised me on the show was one of the most amazing moments that I’ve ever had. This song, the ‘Time of My Life,’ you’ve given that to me. I’ve got to do this here, because… Would you marry me?”

As Gallow knelt down on one knee, the Dancing With the Stars host was caught in an eye roll so big we transported to the 90’s (as if!). As the camera cuts to a close up of the newly nuptial bound’s embrace, Andrews’ slightly out of focus look of disdain practically slaps the home viewer as it peeks from behind the couple.

Andrews defends in her moment of obvious irritation with her own boyfriend’s inability to be that thoughtful and overcoming that she was holding back tears. “What a moment…sorry if my ugly cry face made its debut… love u Noah and Jamie”, the always a bridesmaid never a bride posted to Twitter.

New fiancée Jamie Boyd has been a fixture of Galloway’s cheering section since surprising him on-air after returning from her Army Reserves training. This live love affair has left producers wondering what else they can squish out of the Galloway-Boyd relationship in the remaining episodes. As for Andrews, we hope our moms weren’t right about our faces getting stuck that way.

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