Even Tiger Woods Is Irritated by Mark Cuban’s Wealth, Cuban ‘Dead Broke’ in Vegas

This year’s Tiger Jam (which is an event and not a fruit compote) left Mark Cuban littering Instagram with videos of claims to be “dead broke” thanks to Tiger Woods who, when the camera was turned to him, mirrored the annoyance of people making minimum wage everywhere.

Since you probably don’t have the $3+ billion net worth of Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, you may not know of Tiger Jam. Let us break it down thusly:

Are you rich? Do you like gambling? Do you get media flack for not doing enough philanthropy with your absurd pro-athlete salary? Most importantly, do you like having an excuse to bang hookers in Vegas? If you answered yes to these questions, you should have spent last weekend blowing your money at Tiger Jam, an event which raises money for low-income STEM students, and is not an excuse to gamble, obviously.

If you make under 50K a year, you need to view the Instagram post to feel the full cathartic cleansing of Woods facial expression. Of course, you’ll immediately feel bad again as soon as you realize you spent this past weekend eating frozen pizza and Tiger is still way richer than you’ll ever be and has banged more girls than you can count.

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