Genius Teacher Can’t Anticipate Consequences of Sleeping with Student

While it takes a special level of intelligence to decide to sleep with your student, high school teacher Kayla Mooney takes it to a new level. After getting harassed by her 17-year-old beau’s girlfriend for buying him vodka and gettin’ it on in her car, Mooney filed a complaint to the school.

In a series of predictable events, the school’s actions backfired on her causing her to be proprietor of her very own sexual assault charges. One can only wonder if she is really unsure of the consequences of her actions. Whether it be the overachieving teacher who banged six students in one year¬†or this genius repeat offender,¬†sleeping with a student creates a pretty obvious decent to sexual offender-hood and losing your job.

Maybe Mooney just couldn’t resist the Axe-scented, immature charm of a 17-year-old. Maybe she loved the way he drank a liquor usually reserved for rich white women on diets. Maybe she was excited to be in a relationship where she’d be taken home to meet the parents… you know, since he lives there. Whatever reason enchanted her, it’s baffling that she couldn’t anticipate the repercussions of filing a complaint in a place where she’s clearly breaking the rules. Can we remind you again this intelligent woman is responsible for molding the minds of youth!?

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Bob Frapples
Bob Frapples
7 years ago


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