‘Human Centipede’ Themed Food… YUM!

When you watch The Human Centipede, do you just get a hankering for some delicious food? No? Well, that’s not stopping Zombie Burger in Des Moines, Iowa. The newest burger at the appetizing, corpses-y place is called “Martin’s Revenge” after the main character in Human Centipede 2.

Chef Tom McKern created the burger to take the theme of the three person, tri-digestive tract, mad science experiment. It’s comprised of a series of 3 sliders starting with steak, topped with cheddar, bacon, and raw red onion; moving onto a burger patty adorned with American cheese, pulled BBQ bacon, and sautéed red onion; and finishing with a loose meat sandwich, house-made cheese whiz, and bacon-red onion jam. Mmm anything that can bring back the memories of multi-digestion.

“I was trying to figure out a way to do a take on the movie through a burger,” McKern said. “I basically started with whole ingredients, and processed them down from slider to slider.”

Drooling yet? Just wait, Martin’s Revenger isn’t the only Human Centipede-themed dish on the menu. There’s also the Dr. Heiter’s Poutine Basket and RIP Mein Drei-Hunde hot dog.

You’ll have to hold your appetite out a couple more days, Martin’s Revenge won’t be available until May 21. Save up your Thursday for a delicious shock-horror feast. Here’s hoping they adapt a Trainspotting burger next; mmm that worst toilet in Scotland scene – can we get a “sloppy joe?!”

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