Japanese Game Shows are Weird: Cockroach in a Tube Blow-of-War Edition

Another weird thing crops up on Japanese TV, no one is surprised, but everyone is still grossed out.

In what would only be accepted by fame hungry Fear Factor contestants in the US, two sweet looking Japanese girls from girl group, and not license plate number, AKB48, battle each other in a breathy cockroach tug of war for Japanese game show AKBingo!

The group advertises itself as participators in quizzes, sports and news which leaves us wondering for which does blowing a dead cockroach in a tube qualify.

The two selected contestants, 16-year-old Ryoka Oshima and 18-year-old Shinobu Mogi, were pitted against each other in a high stakes battle of not being the one to get a dead cockroach blown into her mouth and then be forced to eat it.

Each grimacing contestant is situated on the end of a clear tube while the least athletic-looking referee uses comically huge tweezers to place the indestructible, yet dead, critter inside. With some overwhelming Japanese screaming, the blow of war begins. The mohawk-ed ref continues his bellowing as the bug is throttled into the back of the right-sided contestants throat.

After showing off her lucky snack to the camera, she takes a nauseating crunch to the dismay of literally any person watching, ever the other Japanese contestants.

“Well, Japanese game shows, you’ve somehow managed to weird us out again,” agrees everyone else in the world.

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