Jimmy Kimmel Tearful at the Graduation of David Letterman Who Knew Just What to Say Years Ago

Jimmy Kimmel paid his respects to his highly esteemed crush, David Letterman, on his show yesterday. While fighting back the breakup tears from losing the Late Show, Kimmel explained he would be showing a rerun during Dave’s last broadcast out of respect and implored viewers to watch the last Late Show instead of his show.

Kimmel also regaled the audience with the complexity of his Letterman Love showing off pictures of his “L8 NITE” license plate, birthday cake, and letterman jacket. He also told tale of drawing pictures of Dave on his textbooks, which could have only been more quintessential if he had also been writing “Jimmy Letterman” surrounded by hearts.

It was younger Dave himself who helped deal with the real breakup emotions, though. Kimmel showed a parody of an afterschool special where Letterman explained to a boy named Jimmy the hardship of losing a TV show.

“You’ll hurt at first but, you’ll get over it.” [80’s Dave explains.]

“Jimmy, just because a show is cancelled doesn’t mean it goes away forever; it can live on through reruns, syndication…”


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