Jodie Sweetin Thrilled to be Part of ‘Fuller House’

Jodie Sweetin is “beyond thrilled” to be getting paychecks again for the follow-up to Full HouseFuller House. Wait, I mean. Jodie Sweetin is “beyond thrilled” to be reprising her role as Stephanie Tanner in Fuller House. While on Ian Ziering’s Pet Project, she blabbered:

“To say I’m excited, I don’t think is quite an adequate term for it. I’m getting to do something and have an opportunity to be a part of something I hold incredibly dear to me, with people that are my family that I’ve known since I was 5 years old. To be able to go back and do this as an adult and really bring the Stephanie character back to life and who she is as an adult, who wouldn’t be excited to be able to do that?”

Fuller House, of course, will focus on DJ Tanner, a widowed mother of three, raising her kids with the help of Stephanie and her friend Kimmy Gibbler. Naturally, all three are happy to be somewhat relevant again.

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