Josh Duggar, the Tiger Woods of Underage Girls, Has a Victim Who is Still Underage

While the Duggars try to hide out and redact themselves till the whole Josh-is-a-pedophile thing blows over, the world is watching this train wreck unfold. Most recently, it’s been discovered that Josh’s youngest victim is still underage.

The Duggars should not be shocked people are interested in their business; any family that smiles that much is obviously burying some weird-ass s**t. After years of letting their records sit open willy nilly, the small army has been hastily redacting their files to keep out of the media eye which, obviously, has only made Internetarians more curious.

Once it was found out the majority of the victims were Josh’s sisters, details leaked that the majority of those sisters still live at the Jim-Bob house. This situation went from being inappropriate teen on teen behavior to flat out pedophilia; doing the math, it seems Josh’s youngest victim was 5-8 years old. Feel free to let yourself feel the full justified disgust at Josh’s behavior.

The recent dump of details has also brought to light Josh’s sealed lawsuit against Department of Human Services who were involved in making the family put the girls in (hopefully actual) counseling (with a medical professional) in 2007. Somehow, Josh justified suing the Department of Human Services nine months later for what was likely either appealing the finding or decision from their investigation into his actions.

With the rate of information dumping on this case, prepare yourself to be disgusted again by the Duggar cult tomorrow. If you need to induce vomiting immediately, take a look at how the Duggar ladies planned to learn to kiss from Jim-Bob and Josh.

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8 years ago

This head line is a joke. Tiger did nothing illegal. He is a jerk but it was consensual with adults.