Kelly Brook Will Destroy the Internet with This Bikini Pic

If there’s one things Kelly Brook can do, it’s wear a bikini. Can’t act, but no one cares. And she’s getting up there in age, already 35. Yet, somehow gravitational forces haven’t made their way to her chest. Brook Instagrammed the pic on her vacation in Bodrum, Turkey.

She also put up an semi-art shot of her backside, looking towards Turkey with the caption: “Bye Bodrum”.

That photo obviously blows. And she has really fat fingers. She should hide them or get creative on those angles. Or wear mittens. If they make them in that size. She may have to shop at the big n’ tall store for some oversized gloves to put on those sausage-like digits. Brook would make a really horrible court transcriptionist, always click-clacking the wrong keys with those meaty paws.

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