People are Offended by the Kardashians Again: Khloe Wears a Niqab Edition

Leave it to the Kardashian sisters to make even a hijab seem immodest.

Through what can only be described as magic, the Kardashians have a knack for turning people into wild dogs. Most recently, the dogs have been released to fight over Khloé’s choice in accessories during her trip to Dubai. People the world over have angrily flocked to the Internet to show their support or distaste of her choice to wear a niqab while in the luxury city.

Habibi Love

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While this may seem hardly noteworthy and completely uncontroversial to you, the Internet has decided Khloé is just the worst! Or disrespectful…Or “disgustingly offensive”. Basically, World War III is kindling and it’s because of a Kardashian; no one is surprised.

Though Khloé has taken the brunt of the Internet hate hit, her sisters Kendall and Kim have both sported similar traditional garments while visiting Dubai. As you can bet, the sisters also graced Instagram with questionably sultry hijab photos because how else would they have enough selfies to fill a 400 page book.

Some of the distaste has been brought on by the fact that the modesty coverings are not mandatory in the region, specifically not for foreigners tourist-ing through the country. Khloé has responded to this drama surprisingly maturely.

“I’m even more bothered that the commenters think I’m poking fun at their culture. I didn’t realize how offensive it was. I didn’t know I was doing anything wrong. I really just have to be more aware of what I write, even if I think it’s tongue in cheek, and I have to be more sensitive to that. I’m sorry to anybody I offended. That was the last thing I ever wanted to do.”

Exactly Khloé, you should know better than to think your fans understand sarcasm.

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7 years ago

Outrage culture…
*insert double facepalm here*

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