‘Real Housewife’ Alexis Bellino Proves Her Plastic Surgeons Do Good Work

If you didn’t know who Alexis Bellino was, you’d think it was a random MILF on the beach. Even knowing that Bellino ‘starred’ (putting that in quotes here) in Real Housewives Of Orange County, you’re likely to ask, who?

Well, according to some slick Internet sleuthing, she’s a Christian mom who secretly paddles her husband, Jim, to sleep at night. Oh, sorry, we weren’t supposed to reveal Jim’s fantasy.

Interesting note: aren’t these real housewives shows for rich wives to star in? Bellino opened up a Sky Zone in Southern California. You know what that is? A glorified trampoline playground. These are people we put on TV. And we’re afraid that robots might be smarter than us??

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