Rita Ora Holds Her Breast and Tries to Prevent a Nip Slip

These celebrities, they’re getting too smart. Always aware that the cameras are on them. They know one sudden turn and there goes the breast spilling out. It’s like they’re developing awareness and intellect. This is like when scientists say that robots will develop a conscious mind and start to overtake humans. These celebs will get too smart and thwart the paps and their perfectly timed photos. Then where we will be?? Nip slip-less. That’s where.

Look at this celeb here, “Rita Ora”, they call her. Cupping her left breast as it tries to jump the fence to freedom. Let that breast free, Rita! #FreetheNipple!! Tove Lo freed the nipple and look how popular her songs are now. One nipple gets you airplay, two gets you a new record. Your call, Rita.

Also, check out the old dude perv staring. C’mon old man, glance and look away. Maybe at that age, you don’t even care who notices.

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