Shaq Falls Down Face First on Live TV

If a tree falls in a forest, does it make a sound? If Shaq eats s**t on live TV, will there be people to make fun of it? Yes and double yes. Shaq was doing commentary on the Clippers-Rockets game tonight on TNT and got up to run to the big screen with Kenny Smith, when he suddenly became an Internet meme.

We yellin’ timbeeer!

Down for the count goes Shazam. How Charles Barkley didn’t have a heart attack from laughing so hard is beyond reason. Shaq had some fun with it, tweeting out:

Expect some good basketball memes to come out of this, like Lance Stephenson blowing Shaq…over:

Or this one:

Shaqtin’ a fool indeed.

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Jon Clem
Jon Clem
8 years ago

My reaction to Shaq falling on the ground as it happened.